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Is $30 membership worth it?

One of the biggest benefits to being a member is that you receive a reduced price on a new mast. Paul Latour has graciously put together a system and means of purchasing a new mast. To receive the discount, you must be a current member, and also have been a member the preceding year. The discount is $300. Following is a report from our Secretary/Treasurer on the status of the mast blanks:


This February 2013 photo documents over half of the mast blanks safely kept by JSI in St. Petersburg, FL.  Your  Secretary-Treasurer documented all thirty blanks stored by JSI for us.  Mast blanks cost $900 to persons who have been class members continuously for at least one and the previous year, and $1200 to others.   JSI charges separately to finish a blank (pricing varies by parts recycled and aging; I connect buyers with JSI for details.  

JSI also stores spreader blanks for us. The class owns two sets of finished painted spreaders stored by JSI available for $250+shipping.  Connect with Paul if you need these.

Just want you to know that your money and masts are well cared for and accountable by your class leaders.

Mail Paul or the class president if you have any questions.

Paul Latour, Secretary-Treasurer

CCR at Ford Yacht Club on Grosse Ile, MI
September 7-9

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Dave Grover. Dave was one of the pioneers of the S2 7.9 Class who raced the infamous blue boat named Prime Time. Dave was one of the early Secretary/Treasurers of class and did so much to promote the class. The strength of the class today is in part because of all the hard work Dave put into the class years ago.


"I met Dave Grover after becoming the class secretary-treasurer when I was challenged by the new mast replacement program. Dave began his contributions once it was clear that the process would become very difficult. Dave shared his extensive knowledge of the 7.9, his numerous machine drawings, his time and opinions regarding the best mast design, on and on. He was my go-to guy for the engineering. It turned out, after a bit of prodding, that he held a library of dimensioned drawings of all sorts of parts of the 7.9 and he shared them with me, and they are now a permanent file for the class. His contributions to my efforts were enormous. He and his wife visited me in Nashville, and vice-versa; he was was social and wise, a sailor’s sailor. Our kind of guy. I will miss him, and because of his foresight, the class will continue to prosper even in his absence."

God’s blessings Dave and thank you so very much,
Paul Latour-Secretary/Treasurer


"It was a great pleasure to compete against Dave. But it was even better working with him on the (very) challenging project of re-writing the S2 7.9 class rules. We clarified rules, enabled modern sail cloth and tightened standards for class events. We saw the results - in renewed interest in the class. Fair well Dave. You left this place better than you found it. Without doubt."

Tom Elsen.-Past S2 7.9 President

Celebrating Dave Grover

Congratulations to Smile & Wave on
Winning the Lake Erie Championship

I have finally massaged the weight data emanating from the last CCR. Nearly all owners have been issued a provisional certificate mailed to them 5/10. Each asks a question or two so my streamlined certificates will be accurate and complete. You can answer my query by email or return the corrected certificate as you wish. The majority of issues surround the disposition of added ballast, but a few involved data and calculation details while incomplete forms were unanimous; all normal parts of the process. If you and I have already communicated, just tell me that after reviewing your provisional certificate. Once the twelve P-certificates are able to be converted to non-provisional, I will publish a new boat weights database for publication on the web site.

Separately, I must surrender the Sec-Treas position by the next CCR in Grosse Isle; I will not process "any anything" after Sept. 6. So please ask your class members to step up to this plate I have so much enjoyed. The position is best satisfied by someone reasonably skilled with Excel, hopefully much more fluent with it than am I and therefore able to streamline the data management processes, which are slowly becoming more complex. I will create a job-description as time passes and, if necessary, visit with any person accepting the position and approved by the BOD.

Best wishes,

S2 7.9m Class Assoc.

Important Message from the Secretary-Treasurer and Retirement notice

Following a ton-of-effort and time by Cary Diehl and Rusty Smith over the past year, your class officers are about to seal-the-deal with a vendor for the manufacture of class-approved rudders for your 7.9. These promise to be more accurate dimensionally, offer opportunity for standardization of weights (we know prior rudder weights range from the low 20’s to the high 40’s!), be better quality than the unregulated originals, made from contemporary materials and carry a warranty. The vendor has recommended a couple of parallel issues we will address such as creating an all-aluminum welded box that eliminates the problematic wood spacers, match rudder boxes to rudders, and modifying the lower gudgeon/pintle arrangement to dual gudgeons linked by a separate pin insert that would make a stronger assembly easier to install than the stock plan. Currently we are considering paying for a mold and one complete assembly, ship to a test boat and confirm details before a permanent long term commitment is solidified. Pricing these details is not yet exact but currently we have every reason to believe rudders will cost about ⅔ previous costs, so we think you will like the plans.

One data point we have not sought, but should have, is exact knowledge of all current rudder-only weights, rather than rudder+box weights. So, we ask all members, as soon as convenient, to WEIGH YOUR RUDDERS please, separate from the rest of the structures and report that information to me via email or text. I’ll take separate parts weights too if you have them (rudder, box, tiller). We will use that information to make target weights and variations for the vendor who has been very good at working with us on such details and will make the class database of boat weights more complete. We will have to trust your bathroom scales are at least close!

Connect with me for questions and enjoy your 7.9’s!

Best wishes,
Secretary-Treasurer-S2 7.9m Class Assoc.

Your Data is requested for the Rudder Replacement Project

Awards photos courtesy of Evan Rodgers, on the water photos courtesy of Doug Slade

Third Place: Challenge

Second Place: Fun Uncle

First Place: Smile & Wave

The 2017 edition of the Class Championship was a memorable one. Micheal and Tovi Kiss along with all of the volunteers from Macatawa Bay Yacht Club put on a fantastic regatta. The weekend brought unseasonably warm temperatures at or near 90 degrees. The high pressure system brought light winds although there was decent wind in the mornings. We were able to have three races on Friday and two on Saturday. The wind died off on Sunday before we were able to start a race. The weekend brought three great events: beautiful sunset on the patio on Thursday with a one man band, banquet at the club on Friday and the highlight of the event was the party at the Kiss' house on Saturday night. First Place for the Regatta was a battle between Smile & Wave and Fun Uncle. The boats traded places back and forth almost every race. In the end it was Smile & Wave who became the 2017 S2 7.9 National Champion with their 5th in the last race versus Fun Uncle with 11th. Smile & Wave won the Regatta by one point. Be sure to keep your Sailing World subscription up to date as there will be a feature article on the race published within the next six months. Dave Powlison was onboard Relentless along with Evan Rodgers taking pictures on the photo boat. Thank you to all that made this a great event and we look forward to seeing you next year at Ford Yacht Club on Grosse Ile, MI.

Time left until the Class Championship:


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2018 Regattas


St. Pete NOOD
St. Petersburg, FL
February 16-18

Annapolis NOOD
May 4-6
Annapolis, MD

Lake Erie Championship
Ford Yacht Club
Grosse Ile, MI
(South of Detroit, MI)
June 2-3

Class Championship
Grosse Ile, MI
September 7-9

Nashville Equalizer Regatta
Nashville, TN
October 20-21
Gumbo Sat night

Congratulations to Smile & Wave
on Winning the
2017 S2 7.9 Class Championship
Holland, MI


2019 Class

Racine Yacht Club
Racine, WI


This year the Class Championship is being hosted by Ford Yacht Club for the first time. Grosse Ile is located about 30 miles South of Detroit at the mouth of the Detroit River and the Northwest corner of Lake Erie. Ford Yacht Club, under the orginaztion of Cary Diehl, has hosted the Lake Erie Championship with resounding success and is now ready for the main event. There is a ramp on site with plenty of room for setup and trailer parking. The clubhouse and grounds are fantastic venue for post race fun. Cary Diehl and Ford Yacht Club are aiming for another great regatta with fun activities planned. You can also count on fantastic awards designed by Cary. Click on the officail website link for hotels, directions and more.

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