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From: Scott Smith

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Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 9:21 AM

Subject: 7.9m


Question / Comment:


I am having difficulty with the local PHRF fleet certifying my S2 7.9 to sail board up off wind, the normal configuration this boat is sailed with. The chairman will propose a rule change to allow boats to be sailed under whatever is acceptable to the manufacturer, but for mine to be certified he needs a statement from the manufacturer that it is self righting with the board up. Can you possibly help me with that? There is a ton of anecdotal material about MORC certification etc that proves it, but he just wants the manufacturer to say it is self righting.

Mr. Yarbrough,


The 7.9m is absolutely designed to sail with the board in any position from all up to all down. You are correct in your understanding of the MORC certification of the boats self righting ability. I was the one who performed the test for the MORC governing body.

Their test is to have the main and genoa, in their sail bags, attached to the main halyard pulled to the mast head. With this weight aloft, the boat is forced into a capsize position and the mast head held below the water. When it is released the boat must immediately right itself. The 7.9m does this so quickly that you must get out of the way or risk being thrown quite a long distance.

As the designers and manufacture of the 7.9m we approve of the complete manipulation of the board while sailing and have our permission to submit this to your local PHRF handicapper.

Scott Smith

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Official Comment from S2 on the Board Up

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