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Official S2 comment about sailing with the BOARD UP


Windows - Cabin Side Windows for S2 Sailboats - From the Technical Files of S2 Yachts

Winterizing Tip - by Bill Pribe #476 - A tip for installing a winter tarp on your boat.


Companionway Spinnaker Pouch - by Dave Grover #138 - Details for using a companionway mounted Spinnaker launch bag.


Keep Your Cushions Dry

By Rich Stetter # 122

During a rainy regatta cover the center cushions with vinyl mattress covers (twin size). This was used during the second and third days of the 1998 nationals and the cushions never go wet or heavy.

Hold that Rudder Up

By Tim Bosma #477

Directions and Photos to make the stainless steel rudder hold-up.

Grease Those Bearings

By Doug Slade #542

I put my S2 7.9 in storage last Fall after having the bearings packed in the Spring of '97. After launching my boat in May '98, I took the trailer in to have the bearings done again. What I found was two bearings that were cracked from the water inside freezing up over the Winter. The solution : have the bearings re-packed in the fall before you put your 7.9 away. This should clear up any problems your trailer may encounter over a harsh winter.

The following article regarding Lifeline Tautness was written by John Bonds, chairman of US Sailing's Safety at Sea Committee .


by Doug Slade #542

When #238 Yellow Jacket lost her rig in 1995 a couple of things came to light. First, the antenna on "YJ" was on top of the mast and when it went overboard the race committee and crash boat could not hear the call for assistance because the antenna was underwater. The solution; bring a hand held or get and extra flexible wand antenna that you can hook into the antenna fitting on your VHS so you can put it on deck. Second, since the mast pieces were saved the skipper went ahead and took all the fittings off, but when it came to the turnbuckles, there was so much grime built up over the years that two turnbuckles never came off. The solution; take them apart and clean them each year or get those white turnbuckle boots at your local marine store and notch them out at the base so they fit over the deck tang.

Raising the Mast on a S2 7.9 can be done with as few as two people . It takes some careful set-up, using the halyards to stabilize the mast, the spinnaker pole & extra blocks for leverage, and a custom mast raising device. The system is fairly easy to build. Thanks to Dave Grover for the details and sketchs .


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