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Winterizing Tip

by Bill Pribe #476


Fall 2000


If you store your boat for the winter with a tarp, many times the tarp will rub against the stanchions. This can result in holes developing in the tarp at the points of contact between the tarp and stanchion. A method for relieving the wear at these points is to install load distributors. These can be made very simply from PVC pipe in the following manner:


Using 1.5 inch diameter pipe, cut 6 pieces approximately 8 inches in length. Then drill a hole in one side of each piece using a 1.25 inch diameter hole drill bit. Try to position each hole in the center . (see sketch #1 ). After drilling the holes, use a coarse sandpaper , and sand all the ends and edges of the holes.


Install the lengths of pipe starting at the foremost stanchion. Unhook the lifeline pelican clamps at the stern and pull the life lines out of the stanchions. Starting at the foremost stanchion, fit the pipe horizontally over the top of the stanchion , putting the stanchion into the hole drilled in the side of the pipe. Then feed the lifeline through the pipe and stanchion top. (see sketch #2). Follow the same procedure for the remaining stanchions. When all pipes are installed , re-attach the stern pelican clips. The pipes will be slightly loose, allowing them to float when the tarp is put on.


Sketch #1

Sketch #2