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HomeAbout the S2 7.9
Known for its exceptional performance, versatility, and enduring design, the S2 7.9 has become a popular choice for both competitive racing and cruising. This sailboat's unique characteristics, such as its 26-foot length and a generous 9-foot beam, provide stability and maneuverability in various sailing conditions.

What sets the S2 7.9 sailboat apart is the passionate community that has formed around it, supported by the S2 7.9 Class Association. This association plays a pivotal role in fostering camaraderie, knowledge sharing, and growth within the S2 7.9 community. By organizing events and regattas, the Class Association offers a platform for sailors to connect, learn, and push the limits of their sailing abilities.

The S2 7.9 Class Association recognizes the importance of maintaining fairness and competitiveness in sailing. As such, it upholds stringent class rules and regulations to ensure a level playing field for all participants. This commitment to standardized specifications (commonly referred to as one-design sailing) guarantees that each boat adheres to the same performance standards, creating an environment where skills and strategy take precedence.

Moreover, the S2 7.9 Class Association goes beyond promoting competitive racing by offering a range of benefits to its members. Class members gain exclusive access to resources such as replacement spreaders, discounted rudders and rudder parts through partner companies like Ruddercraft, and the opportunity to participate in mast replacement programs provided by Offshore Spars. These benefits not only enhance the sailing experience but also emphasize the association's dedication to supporting its members in maintaining and upgrading their boats.

The S2 7.9 Class Association's commitment to its members extends beyond on-water activities. The association actively fosters a sense of community, providing a space for sailors to exchange ideas, tips, and experiences. Whether through online forums, newsletters, or social gatherings, the S2 7.9 Class Association ensures that sailors feel connected and supported in their sailing journey.

In conclusion, the S2 7.9 sailboat and its Class Association embody the spirit of sailing excellence, community, and growth. The sailboat's exceptional design and performance combined with the association's commitment to fairness, benefits, and camaraderie make the S2 7.9 Class a thriving and dynamic community. Sailors who are part of this association not only have the opportunity to engage in thrilling regattas and events but also benefit from a supportive network of fellow enthusiasts. The S2 7.9 sailboat and its Class Association truly exemplify the joy and adventure that sailing has to offer.