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Regatta eligibility

Class membership is required to race in S2 7.9 sanctioned regattas

Mast Replacement Program

Membership in the S2 7.9 class association offers a unique advantage, as it grants eligibility for participation in the mast replacement program offered by the Class and Offshore Spars. This program provides members with the opportunity to acquire a new mast for their S2 7.9 sailboat. Members can choose between purchasing a blank spar, allowing them to customize and assemble the mast themselves, or opt for a finished mast built by Offshore Spars' experienced team. This exclusive benefit not only ensures that S2 7.9 sailors have access to high-quality replacement masts, but also empowers them with the flexibility to tailor their equipment to their specific preferences and sailing style.

Spreader Replacement Program

As a valuable benefit, the S2 7.9 Class association provides its members with access to replacement spreaders. By offering replacement spreaders exclusively to association members, the S2 7.9 Class demonstrates its commitment to supporting the sailing community and ensuring the longevity of their boats. This service not only simplifies the process of sourcing and acquiring replacement spreaders but also guarantees compatibility and adherence to class specifications.

Racing Forestay Program

S2 7.9 Class members have an exciting opportunity to purchase a forestay at a discounted price through the class association. Members can acquire a forestay for their S2 7.9 sailboat at half the cost of production.

Rudder Replacement Program

S2 7.9 Class Members are privileged to access discounted rudders and rudder parts through their partnership with Ruddercraft. This exclusive collaboration provides members with an exceptional opportunity to acquire high-quality rudder components at a reduced cost. Whether members require a complete replacement rudder or specific parts to enhance their existing rudder system, Ruddercraft offers a wide range of options to cater to their needs.

PHRF Racing

We support members in multiple racing classes. Many PHRF organizations require you to be a class member if you are using a one design rating.